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Av.Arb.Taner NURLU

He graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Law in 1979. He received his attorney's license from the İzmir Bar Association in 1981, and after his internship, assistant prosecutor and military service processes, he has been successfully practicing his profession in İzmir since 1984, with the award of the 25th Year Honor Plaque. In addition to being a lawyer, he completed his training in Mediation in Legal and Commercial Disputes and started to serve as a registered Mediator as of April 2018, as a voluntary litigation in legal claims and compensation issues, and as a litigation condition in labor disputes and commercial disputes.

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Even though there is more than 30 years of professional experience since 1984, scientific and technological developments in the legal profession are followed day by day and adapted. There are legislation, case law and enforcement follow-up programs in our system, and technological developments are used.

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Civil Law, Law of Obligations, Family Law, Divorce Cases, Inheritance Cases, Real Estate Cases, Labor and Social Security Law, Material and Moral Compensation Cases, Criminal Law, Execution and Bankruptcy Law, Lease Law, Consumer Law, Traffic Law, Child It is the law firm that you can safely entrust your power of attorney with in your cases, with the experience brought by thousands of successful cases in the fields of Law, Condominium Law, and careful follow-up to ensure that its clients meet their expectations.

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Preliminary information about a new case coming to our office is received, information is given about the case, if an agreement is made, a power of attorney is taken and a lawsuit is filed. The client is informed at all stages from the opening of the case. In cases, the maximum profit and interest of the client is observed and protected within the framework of the law.

Our clients are offered the opportunity to pay in installments by credit card on our website. Likewise, debtors for enforcement proceedings can also pay by credit card through our website.

At the same time, Mediation service in matters of claims and compensation rights is offered as an official Mediator.

You can communicate via mobile phone or e-mail using the contact form. Izmir Lawyer, Izmir Freelance Lawyer, Divorce Lawyer, Enforcement Lawyer, Izmir Law Firm, Criminal Lawyer, Inheritance Lawyer, Real Estate Lawyer, Labor Lawyer, Labor Lawyer, Family Lawyer, Land Registry Lawyer, Floor Easement, Condominium Ownership, Traffic Fines, Appeal , Postponing the Announcement of the Judgment, Reduction of Penalty, Population Procedures, İzmir Bar Association, Union of Turkish Bar Associations

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