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 Taner Nurlu
Law & Mediation Firm

Lawyer & Mediator Taner Nurlu, who has been serving in his own office since 1984, provides services in divorce, criminal, enforcement, real estate, labor law, inheritance law and many other areas. Since 2018, he has been providing Mediation services in Legal, Employer-Employer and Commercial Disputes.

Lawyer & Mediator Taner Nurlu


Av. Arb. Taner Nurlu was born in 1957. After completing his primary and secondary education, he graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Law in 1979.

Received his attorney's license from Izmir Bar Association in 1981, but he did not start the profession immediately, he took the Judgeship exam and completed his internship in 1982, served as the assistant prosecutor for a short time, started his military service in 1982, was discharged in 1983, and actually practiced as a lawyer in 1984. He started his career in İzmir.

        He has worked as a freelance lawyer in numerous cases since 1984. He started to work as a registered and official Mediator under the Ministry of Justice in 2018, and he also performs "Optional Mediation" in addition to litigation mediation. Continues his working life with an experienced, disciplined and superior honesty understanding with a 25th anniversary plaque of honor . Izmir Lawyer, Izmir Freelance Lawyer, Divorce Lawyer, Enforcement Lawyer, Izmir Law Firm, Criminal Lawyer, Inheritance Lawyer, Real Estate Lawyer, Labor Lawyer, Labor Lawyer, Family Lawyer, Land Registry Lawyer, Floor Easement, Condominium Ownership, Traffic Fines, Appeal , Postponing the Announcement of the Judgment, Reduction of Penalty, Population Procedures, İzmir Bar Association, Union of Turkish Bar Associations


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